Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb.3: Reflection on Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

In this video, teens collaborated to address things such as saftey on the internet, cyberbullying, and health/wellness issues related to digtial media. Each group designed a short film to address each issue. My two favorites were "Driving While Texting," and "Stealing Pictures."
In "Driving While Texting," I learned DWI kills more than DUI, 37% of all wrecks are from a result of DWI, including 22,000 teens. The video was very emotional, informative, and creative.
"Stealing Pictures" was also a very creative look at issues such as identity theft and common mistakes with copyright online.
At the end, the students said having the internet in the classroom is a great way to learn how to use it properly, productively, and it also allowed them to expand their cultural horizons, and communication skills. The students liked that the Digiteen project allowed them to work with other students and to learn on their own. And, it was fun!
Again, project-based learning is very beneficial to the students, especially when you (as an educator) allow them to research topics which affect their demographic (such as DUI, DWI, internet safety/security, teen pregnancy, etc...).
Because I will be working with pre-teens and teens, I took this video to heart. I would like to allow my students to create using technology to learn about history, current events, other cultures,etc... This will further engage the students and also, as the teacher in the intro of this video said, effect behavior in the classroom. If the students aren't bored out of their minds, they will learn, participate, and have fun!

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